Cannon Beach Conference Center

Scheduling Your Retreat

1. Check current availability. Choose several possible dates for your retreat and estimate the potential number of guests.

2. Call one of the retreat coordinators at the conference center to discuss group requirements, availability and meal options (meals are provided as a “package” with your accommodations and meeting room).

3. We will tentatively “hold” a specific date and accommodations during your application process.

4. An application will be sent to you for the dates in question. After signing the application, return it to the conference center along with a deposit (Both must be returned within a designated time period). Click here to view a sample application and contract.

5. Upon the receipt of your application and deposit, your application will be reviewed. Upon approval of your application, your retreat date will be confirmed on the conference center’s calendar. You will then receive a confirmation letter, copy of your contract (your application), meal schedule, room assignment sheets and general information. This will allow you to begin your retreat planning.

Any questions? Contact one of our retreat coordinators at (800) 745-1546.