Building Project


Kitchen & Dining Complex

Phase Two

We are nearing the end of our largest construction project to date.

To replace our 70-year-old Kitchen/Dining Room, we needed to divide constructing this new building into two phases. In September 2019, Phase One was completed and we moved in. Phase One's cost of $3.5 million was fully paid—and, because of our generous donors, we had enough to move seamlessly into Phase Two,


Work on Phase Two continued throughout COVID, except for a brief halt. Funding has continued steady, allowing us to keep construction moving.


The entire building and much of the landscaping are now complete. Final landscaping and paving are scheduled to be done by spring 2022. The cost of Phase Two is expected to be about $2.4 million. We estimate we have raised adequate funds to cover the final costs of this wonderful new facility, thanks to the generous support of over 1,500 individual donors and over 100 different volunteers.


We trust you can join us soon and enjoy this wonderful new addition to our facility!