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Building Project



CBCC Bell Tower - July 2022 - DSC01904.jpg
We have great news! After six years of construction our new Kitchen & Dining Room is complete! This $6.3 million endeavor included dividing the project into two major phases with a large portion of the work being done during the pandemic. Over 1,600 donors and more than 100 volunteers helped make this possible. We thank God for His grace and provision throughout!
The picture above was taken on the day in July 2022 when the bell tower was finished. Director Emeritus, Jeff Carlsen, and Executive Director, Marc Hagman, were there for the momentous occasion.

The tower features the original bell as well as some of the stones that date back not only to the original bell tower but to the large stone fireplace from the Bill Hotel which was purchased by Archie & Evangeline McNeill in 1944 for the start of Cannon Beach Conference Center.

We’re so thankful to the Lord and to all those who have supported the conference center throughout this endeavor. We hope you can join us soon to enjoy the food, fellowship and special environment this new facility provides— “Where Meals and Memories Are Made.”

"To God be the glory"

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