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Every year, thousands of hours of valuable help are provided by volunteers throughout the conference center. Volunteers have been an integral and vital part of our conference family from the very beginning in 1945. Much of the success of this ministry is due largely to our volunteers.

Volunteers are provided with meals and lodging during their stay. They are also invited to attend evening conference sessions. During the school year, they may enjoy the Ecola Bible College teaching each evening, as their schedule allows.

There are a lot of areas in which to serve:

    •    Construction projects

    •    Grounds: weeding, landscaping, greenhouse

    •    Painting (indoor/outdoor)

    •    Food services

    •    Housekeeping: laundry, deep clean buildings

    •    Plumbing (Oregon licensed plumbing contractor)

    •    Electrical (Oregon licensed electrical contractor)

    •    Auto body repair and painting

    •    Appliance repair

The process for becoming a CBCC volunteer is:

  1. Complete the online Volunteer Info Form,

  2. Our volunteer coordinator will contact you to discuss your interest in volunteering.

  3. Our volunteer coordinator will schedule your first volunteer experience!

Questions? We're happy to help. Contact Harry Hetherington.

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