To serve the thousands of guests the Lord brings to us each year, we are thankful for each member of our team

We are committed to work diligently and with the strength God provides

We appreciate your continual prayer support for each


Executive Director

Marc Hagman

Retreats & Operations

Kevin Craig - Director of Retreats and Operations


Karen Fulbright - Retreats Supervisor

Tyler Wells - Retreats Assistant

Cyndee Breshears - Scheduling Coordinator


Dina Winn - Front Desk Supervisor

Kyle Hess - Front Desk Associate

Gaila Robinson - Front Desk Associate


Jim Runavich - Executive Chef

Seth Macchi - Chef

Anastacio Rodriquez-Pagan - Cook

Mark Lyvere - Cook

Carmen Lee - Cook

Andrew Drake - Housekeeping Manager

Ben Fabion - Housekeeping Supervisor

Will Heath - Housekeeping Lead

Austin Young - Laundry Supervisor

Aaron Harris - ECL Manager


Patrick Bergman - Program Manager


Eric Ipson - Program Supervisor

Jack Bello - Children's Program Supervisor

Tanah Barnhart - Charis Kids teacher

Danielle Williams - Charis Kids teacher

Patti Craig - Charis Kids teacher

Rebekah Eddy - Program Intern


Liz McBride - Program Admin Assistant

Dale Thompson - IT Administrator

Ben Ross - Audio-Visual Technician


Sam Ortwig - Facilities Manager

Kevin Lewis - Facilities Assistant Manager

Chuck Robbins - Facilities

Mark Mitchell - Painter

Nate Johns - Grounds Supervisor

Finance, HR, Volunteers

Ben Schmitke - Finance Manager

Jean Hand - Volunteer Coordinator 

Human Resources Administrator

Conference Assistants

Bethany Dugan

Kory Duvalian

Jacob Fertick

Michael Grothe

David Hilliker

Damon Holland

Jasmine Horne

Kayla Kanekkeberg

Dave Jackman

Chris MacKenzie

Marcail McLean

Trevor Mogensen

Amanda Olin

Grady Penna

Talitha Sheppard

Benji Thornton

Josiah Todd

Jonathan Wahl

Rebecca Weddle

Alexis Yorba