To serve the thousands 
of guests the 

Lord brings to us each year, we
are thankful for each member of our team

We are 
committed to 
work diligently and with the 
God provides

We appreciate 
your continual prayer support for each person

Executive Director

Marc Hagman

Retreats & Operations

K evin Craig / Director of Retreats & Operations

Karen Fulbright / Retreats Supervisor

Esteban Mora / Incoming Retreats Manager

Geoff Hughes / Retreats Assistant


Marci Heath / Front Desk Associate

Joel Harper / Front Desk Associate

Trevor Mogensen / Front Desk Associate

George Quesenberry / Food Service Manager

Kirby Reichel / Dining Room Supervisor

Nick Owen / Interim Sous Chef

Mark Lyvere / Cook

Ben Faubion / Housekeeping Supervisor

Will Heath / Housekeeping Assistant

Austin Young / Laundry Supervisor

Garry Kanekkeberg / Laundry Assistant

Katie Harris / Laundry Assistant 


Conferences & Program

Jamie Lawrie / Director of Conferences

Bryndley Drake / Conference Supervisor

Dale Thompson / IT Administrator

Ben Ross  / Audio-Visual Technician Supervisor

Maintenance & Grounds

Chuck Robbins / Interim Facilities Manager

Sean Sandness / Maintenance Serviceman

Jonathan Woodward / Maint. Serviceman - Painter

Micah VanderGiesen / Grounds ACA


Harry Hetherington / Human Resource Manager

Cynthia Myers / Human Resource Administrator

Cyndee Breshears / Scheduling Coordinator


Ben Schmitke / Finance Manager


Jack Bello / Volunteer Coordinator

Ecola Creek Lodge

Andrew Drake / ECL Lodging Manager
Rebecca Mogensen / ECL Supervisor

Conference Assistants

Amber Cook

Bodhi Linehan

Charlie Bergerson

Chris MacKenzie

Damon Holland

Daniel Parra

Dave Jackman

Diego Martinez

Elijah Arnold

Isaac McCully

Jesse Grant

Joseph Lexow

Josiah Mallory

Josiah Todd

Justin Crane

Kammy Pell

Kory Duvalian

Steven Wilder